About Us

The KCL Intelligence and Security Group (KISG) provides a forum for collaborative research and networking between War Studies faculty and PhD students, external partners and affiliate institutions, and practitioners working in intelligence. We bring together a research community with expertise ranging from the history of military and civilian intelligence to contemporary intelligence issues, such as oversight, privatisation, and international liaison. Through an active programme of events, expert workshops and applied research, we foster the public discussion of key issues in intelligence.

In an era in which the volume and speed of information has increased exponentially, intelligence professionals face an uphill task in distinguishing between signals and noise - between what is relevant and irrelevant. It is no longer the absence of information but rather excess of data, noise, and deception that obfuscates our understanding of complex threats in the 21st century. By connecting the wider network of scholars working on novel dimensions of intelligence with key stakeholders in government, KISG aims to provide a two-way dialogue on these challenges for national and international security.

KISG sits within the globally renowned Department of War Studies. Founded in the early 1960s, it is one of the few departments in the world to focus solely on the complexities of conflict and security. It provides outstanding research-led teaching to the next generation of scholars in conflict, policy, and international relations; produces world-leading research that develops new empirical knowledge, employs innovative theory, and addresses vital policy issues; and contributes to society through engagement and knowledge exchange with policymakers, industry and the general public in the UK and beyond. Its largest postgraduate degree is the MA in ‘Intelligence and International Security’.


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