About Us

The King’s Intelligence and Security Group provides a forum for strengthened networking among staff members and PhD students of the Departments of War Studies and Defence Studies, and practitioners working in the fields of intelligence. We bring together researchers whose individual expertise ranges from the history of military and civilian intelligence to contemporary intelligence issues, such as intelligence oversight, privatisation and international liaison. Through an active programme of events, expert debates and applied research, we foster the public discussion of key issues in intelligence.

The King’s Intelligence and Security Group contributes to the current research of the intelligence community- both academic and professional. In an era in which the volume and speed of available information has increased exponentially, intelligence professionals face an uphill task in distinguishing, in a timely fashion, between signals and noise - between what is relevant and irrelevant from a mass of information. Compounding these difficulties is the global scale of the threats faced in the 21st century.

It is no longer merely the absence of data, but rather the excess of data and the extent of noise and deception that obfuscates our understanding of security issues. The academic community has a broad array of knowledge and skills, but many of these are misunderstood and under-utilised by those outside of academia. By connecting the wider UK researcher community working on these novel dimensions of intelligence with key stakeholders, the King’s Intelligence and Security Group aims to provides a two-way dialogue on this vital challenge for national and international security.


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